‘Kindergarten’ sign gets a Halloween-themed makeover

A sign that reads “Kindergartens” has been updated to read “Kensington.”

A spokeswoman for the K-Mart parent company said in a statement to The Associated Press on Wednesday, “We’ve updated the sign to reflect the brand’s focus on wellness, learning and family values.

We are proud to have been a part of this great event.”

The company says the new sign was created to celebrate “the diversity of our children, and the importance of having a fun and safe learning environment.

We’re also excited about this unique opportunity to provide a glimpse of our amazing kids.”

K-Mart is the nation’s largest grocery retailer, with more than 5,000 stores and more than 1,000 K-mart locations across the country.

It operates in more than 200 countries and markets products in more 200 countries.

The company has been criticized in recent years for being overburdened by the number of workers needed to maintain its stores, and for hiring more than 20,000 foreign workers over the past five years.

K-mart was not immediately available for comment.

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