Google says it won’t support pre kindergarten curricula in Google search

Google is rolling out a new parental-directed content program in its search results.

The program, called “Parental Search,” is a free, ad-supported service that will allow parents to control how Google shows them relevant content.

Google says the new program is designed to help parents and educators “create the content they want to see on their children’s pages.”

Google also says it will be rolling out more parental-led content, which it calls “family-friendly” content.

For now, the company says it’s only going to support content from family-oriented media and will not offer content from “adult” websites, which are mostly owned by Google.

Parents can opt-in for Parental Search at any time.

The content Google will show parents includes articles and content that is designed for young children, according to a blog post published by Google on Monday.

The company says this content is not specifically targeted to older children, but instead to content that parents may want to share with their children.

The program also lets parents set a “time limit” for their content to appear on the home page of Google.

When the content does not appear on Google’s home page within 15 minutes, parents can “deactivate” it.

The new program will be available to parents who have Google accounts, but the program is not a Google+ feature.

Google+ allows users to post photos and videos on the social network and then share them with friends and family.

Google is currently working on a new initiative for children and families to make their child’s content more relevant and interactive.

Google announced earlier this month that it would be rolling the program out to children at age six.

Google said it will begin using “the most relevant content that children will see, rather than what they are looking for.”

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