What you need to know about the kindergarten teacher shortage

Kindergarten teachers in the Jewish State can expect a raise in salary from the new year as well as increased perks.

According to a government report, the salary of kindergarten teachers rose by 12.8 percent in the first half of 2018, from 7.5 to 8.2 percent.

In addition, the government plans to provide kindergartens with “a generous stipend for children and families with limited income,” which will increase the total salary of kindergartes to 8,000 shekels ($5,000).

The government also plans to increase kindergarters’ pay by a maximum of 20 percent, from 8,400 shekells to 8 and 5 million shekeles ($10 million), the report said.

Kindergarden Teacher Salary Increase 2018The new kindergarten teacher salary hike comes as the government is facing an acute shortage of kindergarten teaching assistants.

In January, the Knesset passed a law requiring all kindergarten teachers to receive a salary of at least 12,500 shekel ($1,400) per month.

The bill also gave teachers a maximum wage of $15,000 a month.

But there is a shortage of teachers.

The Knessets Labor Ministry reports that the kindergarten teaching profession is currently the most underutilized in the country.

According in the government’s statistics, in 2017, kindergarten teachers made up only 14 percent of the kindergarten teachers, with only 5 percent of kindergarten instructors receiving their salaries.

According the Ministry of Labor, kindergarten teaching is a relatively low-paying profession, with a median salary of around 4,000.

Kissinger and Netanyahu have been trying to tackle the problem for months.

Last month, Netanyahu said in a speech at the Israeli Knesses Finance and Development Committee that kindergarten teachers are underutilization, and called for them to be compensated with a raise.

“We are calling on the Israeli Education Ministry to ensure kindergarten teachers receive a raise,” Netanyahu said.

“The salary increase will provide kindergarten teachers with a generous stipends for children.”

Kindergartens salary will increase by 20 percent and will be linked to the average salary of a kindergarten teacher.

The government is also planning to provide kindergarten teaching staff with an extra 1.3 million shekel ($1.2 million) in monthly stipends.

This will increase their salary by an additional 10 percent, which will also be linked with their average salary.

“The stipend will be tied to the median salary for kindergarten teachers,” a government spokesperson told The Jerusalem Report.

“This is a welcome move by the government, which has been fighting the problem of underutilizing kindergarten teachers for years,” said Tzipi Hotovely, the founder of the NGO Children of the Holocaust, which campaigns for the children of the camps to receive their salaries in their home countries.

The kindergarten teacher pay increase is also the result of a two-year budget plan, which was passed by the Kefar Knessetz last month.

The budget plan includes a large increase in the number of kindergarten schools, and a further increase in salaries for kindergarten instructors.

The plan also includes a plan to increase the minimum wage for kindergarten teaching assistant to 2,500 hekels, which would be the second-highest minimum wage in the world.

The increase in kindergarten teacher salaries comes as a result of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and also because of the rise in the cost of living in Israel.

Kirsten Greenberg, a teacher at the Gush Katif kindergarten in Jerusalem, told The AJC she thinks the increase is “a huge deal” for the kindergarten profession.

“Kinder teachers are very important to us because they are our backbone and they are also the ones who bring us food, and help us sleep, and they take care of our children,” Greenberg said.

“I think it’s a great move by [Netanyahu], who has made this issue of schools, kindergarten, and schools a top priority,” Greenberg added.

“It’s a good idea to do something like this because it’s not something that [the government] can do.

They can’t get the budget passed and they can’t make money, and so I think this is a huge deal.”

Kerry Heidfeld contributed to this report.

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