Kids in kindergarten are making amazing art: Here’s how they did it

Kids in the kindergartens of New York City are graduating from school this week with a very different style of art than their classmates.

In a class of just four, the students were working on their own art projects that took them on a journey of discovery.

As a class, they have been using their imaginations to explore the world and come up with their own versions of what they see as the world’s most unique art.

They’ve done a lot of research, and a lot is based on their imagination and their curiosity.

They’re working to create something they can share with others, and they’re doing it all in an art form that looks very different from the norm.

In this clipart project, a student has painted a mural in the corner of the school building.

He then adds text in red on a white background, which he paints with chalk.

This is a student at the Bronx Museum of Art, using a paintbrush to paint the mural.

The video above is a snapshot of the students’ work as they walked into the building to complete their project.

Here, we see them taking pictures of their projects, and then they turn to their teacher and ask if he would like to share the video.

He obliges, and we see the students working on the mural while it sits on a large desk.

The teacher, who is named Kunal Kumar, was thrilled by the students work and encouraged them to keep it going.

“I really hope you will continue with it, and keep pushing yourself,” he said in a video on the museum’s website.

We asked him what he thought about the students, who he says are working hard, and whether he thought the mural would become a viral sensation.

“This is the first time in history that a kid from Brooklyn is working on a mural,” he told us.

“It’s really inspiring, and it’s inspiring to see the creativity of kids across the world.

I think this will go viral.”

It will go more viral than a mural.

If you watch the video above, you can see that the students are all working on different murals.

Some are using simple stencils, while others have made complex, elaborate murals with colorful blocks.

There are more than 80 of them, including a mural on a wall with three different colors.

As the students walk into the school, they see this mural, which has the message “My name is Kunal, and I work at the Museum of Fine Arts.”

They begin to take a picture of the mural, and as they continue to take pictures, they start adding text.

They add the message on a blank piece of paper, and add the text to a blackboard.

They then add the letters “N” to the “N,” and add “N.”

There are now four colors in the mural—black, white, yellow, and green.

When the students finish, the teacher says, “I want to thank the students for making this mural happen, and thank you for showing me what you’ve been working on.”

They add more text on the blackboard and on the wall.

Then, in the video, they ask if anyone would like their work to be displayed at the school.

“What would you like us to do?” the teacher asks.

“Would you like to see our mural on the walls, in our art museum?”

The students agree, and the teacher adds more text.

The students are then shown the work, and this is what they come up to: “This mural is a piece of art by Kunal in the Bronx.”

The teacher then asks the students if they have any questions about what they’re working on.

They all have, and when they say they’re interested in collaborating, the teachers asks them to share their ideas with each other.

“We are working together as a team,” Kunal says.

The work starts to take shape, and after a few weeks of the art, the mural has been painted on the exterior wall of the Bronx museum.

It’s now in the hands of the children, who have taken the time to take the pictures of it, but the teacher is still working on it.

“So now we have a little piece of a mural that we’re working toward,” Komal says.

“You see this wall, we have this piece of this mural that’s going to go on the ceiling.

And we’re gonna keep painting on it until we get this piece.

We’re gonna try and get this mural painted on everything.

It will be something that everyone can enjoy, and that’s the idea.”

In addition to the work on the murals, the children are working on painting the school’s courtyard.

“And what’s really cool is that the kids have really been working together, and so the courtyard, they’re not just in the courtyard working on one piece, but they’re also in this courtyard together,” Kaling says.

So the courtyard has now

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