‘I was a little disappointed’: Kindergarten teacher tells CBC she was ‘a little disappointed’ after her classroom read her kindergarten reading comprehension book

K-8 school teacher Jodie Johnson has been criticized for a kindergarten reading reading comprehension textbook she made for kindergarten students.

Johnson, a former school principal in North York, made the book for the children of the kindergarten program in her elementary school.

She was asked about the book and she said she did not think she was doing anything wrong, CBC News reported.

The book is called Kindergarden Reading, and it is intended to help kindergarteners understand what is going on in the world around them.

The students in the program read the book, and Johnson said they understood that.

“I wanted them to have a lot of information,” Johnson told CBC News.

Johnson says she had been working on a reading program for kindergarten for the past six months.

She said it was a project she had planned for several years.

She was asked by CBC News if she had considered the possibility of making the book more accessible to children.

“No, I didn’t,” she said.

“We’re all working in different ways, and we’re all trying to make the best learning possible.”

Johnson said she also worked with the program’s leadership to ensure they could make the book available to children in their program.

“That’s been our biggest challenge,” she told CBC.

“And I know that it’s not always easy for them.

But we’re working on it.”

Johnson says the book was not a perfect product, and some of the kids who were in the kindergarten reading program didn’t get the text.

But she says she thinks her students got a lot out of the book.

“They are getting a lot more information out of it than they were in Kindergardens Kindergift program, which I think they would have loved,” she added.

“It was a good read, and that was really important for me.”

Johnson is now the principal of the Toronto District School Board, where she teaches kindergarten.

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