Kids in kindergarten are ‘fearfully shy’ to ask for help

Kindergarten students are fearful to ask teachers for help, according to a study by the Australian Institute of Education.

Key points:The study found many of the kids in the Kindergarden kindergarten class were not prepared for the work and school environmentThe study also found the children were fearful of being bullied at schoolMany of the children in the kindergarten class have autism, including a third who were severely autistic and one who had a learning disability.

“I think we know that autism can be really isolating, especially if you’re not social, so that’s why I think there’s a lot of anxiety about asking for help,” said the report’s author Dr Kate McQuade.

“So if they feel they need it, they can ask.”

But I do think that there’s this stigma in the community about asking, and that they’re afraid to say they need help.

“There’s a feeling that you’re asking for too much help and that you’ve got to do it yourself.”

The report found most students in the KG class were shy and afraid to ask.

While one third of students in kindergarten reported feeling anxious about asking teachers, they were more likely to report that they felt “uncomfortable” or “frustrated” with their teachers.

“Kids feel that asking for assistance isn’t appropriate and they’re anxious about doing it themselves, and it’s not something that’s ever really supported,” Dr McQuades said.

“And that is a huge shame because it’s so much more fun to be able to help someone in need.”

One of the problems the study found, Dr Mcquades said, was that the school did not support teachers working with students with autism or other learning disabilities.

“If the school does support them, it can be great but it can also be a barrier to them getting help,” she said.”[And] teachers who don’t work with students who have disabilities may not be comfortable or comfortable working with autistic children.”

That can be a huge barrier to accessing support and services.

“Dr McQuases study, which was published in the Journal of Research in Developmental Disabilities, surveyed 2,000 kindergarten students from four schools in Victoria, with a response rate of 95 per cent.

Dr McQades said many of those who had autism were struggling with social anxiety, as well as difficulties communicating with others.”

What we found was that a lot were not able to communicate with other kids,” she explained.”

They don’t like to talk to other kids, they don’t want to do homework with other children.

And they can be so anxious.

“We found that there was a really strong correlation between their social anxiety and their inability to work with other students and that’s a really important thing to keep in mind.”

Dr MacQuades also found that students with learning disabilities were more at risk of being ostracised, as was found in the study.

“Some of the students we spoke to, their parents would not even come to the classroom and talk to them about their autism,” she added.

“Because of the way that autism is diagnosed and how it’s portrayed in the media, people with autism aren’t really understood.”

It’s quite a shame that that’s happening, because I think that kids are struggling and they need a bit of support.

“Dr Dr McQases said the research was based on data collected from the school.”

When we looked at the data from the schools we were speaking to, they all showed a positive response rate, so I think we can be confident that the data is definitely being reflected in the school system,” she continued.”

Parents were very supportive of us and very understanding.

“Dr Mertoun said it was important to continue to work towards greater support for students with disabilities and social anxiety.”

You have to keep at it and keep asking, keep pushing, and if you can do it and it doesn’t work, you should be okay,” she suggested.

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