How to teach puppies kindergarten with a digital learning app

A puppy kindergarten class from a local kindergarten teacher is being praised by parents and educators around the country.

A video posted to the website PuppyKindergarten shows a group of children, all with a pink face and bright eyes, reading a series of short sentences that can be followed by the word “kindergänger.”

The puppies are then brought in to the classroom, where they are asked to walk and talk with their teachers.

The puppies can also be placed in the classroom and asked to sit down.

A few people have posted videos on social media showing the kids in the class.

A local kindergarten coach called the experience “great.”

“I think it’s awesome to see these little guys learn how to read and learn,” the coach told ABC News.

“It’s a great way to engage kids with the real world.”

The Puppy Kindergarten class is a free, online program offered by the nonprofit organization PuppyKit, which was founded in 2006 to teach children about puppies.

Puppykit, which is funded by Google, uses Google apps to train its puppies and helps them learn about their environment.

The program uses apps that are popular with kids in developing countries, and PuppyKids, a company that teaches children online, has developed apps for both Android and iOS.

The Puppy Kindergarden class is designed to be accessible for children of all ages.

A Puppy Kit website shows the classes in action.

The site states that the class is based on the idea that puppies are cute and playful, and that they are not like people.

Puppies are “super smart,” the Puppy Kids website states, adding that puppies can be trained to do things like listen to commands, follow directions and make friends.

The website says the Puppies Kindergarden classes are free for anyone to participate in.

The Puppies kindergarten class is the first to be taught using Puppy Kits apps.

A Puppy Kid website states that Puppy Labs, a PuppyKid app that helps kids learn about the internet and social media, is also available.

“Puppies Kinder Garten is the perfect tool to teach kids about the world and the technology that they have access to,” PuppyLab’s founder and CEO John Fritchey told

“This is one of the first times we’ve had a Puppies Kinder Garten class.”

Puppy Labs is one company that helps parents teach their kids about technology and how to use social media.

It recently launched a new online course called “Puppys Kindergastate” that teaches puppies to read, write and learn using Google Glass.

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