‘We’ll have to do more’: ‘The world is bigger than us’

The World Cup is here, but for some of us, it’s a big world away.

Here are some of the ideas we’ll be taking on.1.

Play with your head!2.

Get into a life-like game of Scrabble.3.

Have your friends take part in a scavenger hunt.4.

Make a life map of the world.5.

Become the best at any sport you can.6.

Be the best doctor in the world!7.

Learn to cook for yourself, and the world at large.8.

Make new friends.9.

Eat your favorite pizza, and have a nice, cold one at the end.10.

Be happy and proud of who you are.11.

Take a bath.12.

Take an aspirin.13.

Read a book.14.

Watch a movie.15.

Learn a new language.16.

Learn about your body.17.

Find out how to get pregnant.18.

Do a dance class with your friends.19.

Play a dance competition.20.

Watch your favorite TV show.21.

Make friends with your neighbors.22.

Have a new idea for a new party.23.

Make your own pet food.24.

Make yourself a pet, even if it means taking your dog out to a vet.25.

Get a haircut.26.

Go on a walk.27.

Go swimming.28.

Find a way to cook yourself something healthy.29.

Learn how to do a new trick.30.

Eat something healthy at home.31.

Eat a new sandwich.32.

Make an interesting sculpture.33.

Learn something new about yourself.34.

Go camping.35.

Make love to your pet.36.

Learn yoga.37.

Get in shape.38.

Take on a new job.39.

Take up painting.40.

Take part in an art project.41.

Get an internship.42.

Learn Spanish.43.

Play music.44.

Do an improv class.45.

Do yoga.46.

Learn an art form.47.

Learn French.48.

Learn Mandarin.49.

Learn Portuguese.50.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese.51.

Learn German.52.

Learn Italian.53.

Learn Japanese.54.

Learn Chinese.55.

Learn Russian.56.

Learn Turkish.57.

Learn Arabic.58.

Learn Korean.59.

Learn Swahili.60.

Learn Indian.61.

Learn Polish.62.

Learn Thai.63.

Learn Urdu.64.

Learn Hebrew.65.

Learn Dari.66.

Learn Dutch.67.

Learn Indonesian.68.

Learn Estonian.69.

Learn Farsi.70.

Learn Hungarian.71.

Learn Lithuanian.72.

Learn Greek.73.

Learn Ladin.74.

Learn Pashto.75.

Learn Nepali.76.

Learn Punjabi.77.

Learn Somali.78.

Learn Tamil.79.

Learn Telugu.80.

Learn Vietnamese.81.

Learn Yoruba.82.

Learn Zulu.83.

Learn Hausa.84.

Learn Tagalog.85.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia.86.

Learn Aymara.87.

Learn Bislama.88.

Learn Kannada.89.

Learn Marathi.90.

Learn Nama.91.

Learn Lelu.92.

Learn Manchurian.93.

Learn Palau.94.

Learn Rumanian.95.

Learn Hindi.96.

Learn Tok Pisin.97.

Learn Thakor.98.

Learn Yiddish.99.

Learn Gujarati.100.

Learn Sanskrit.101.

Learn Tigrinya.102.

Learn Malayalam.103.

Learn Sinhalese.104.

Learn Balinese.105.

Learn Bengali.106.

Learn Tibetan.107.

Learn Ojibwa.108.

Learn Samoan.109.

Learn Guajiro.110.

Learn Aborigine.111.

Learn Burmese.112.

Learn Polynesian.113.

Learn Kikuyu.114.

Learn English.115.

Learn Wolof.116.

Learn Khmer.117.

Learn Sotho.118.

Learn Uyghur.119.

Learn Shanghainese.120.

Learn Tsonga.121.

Learn Xhosa.122.

Learn Wakanda.123.

Learn Wampanoag.124.

Learn Tahitian.125.

Learn Mandinka.126.

Learn Chechen.127.

Learn Mokombo.128.

Learn Javanese.129.

Learn Bosnian.130.

Learn Croatian.131.

Learn Macedonian.132.

Learn Albanian.133.

Learn Maltese.134.

Learn Georgian.135.

Learn Galician.136.

Learn Latvian.137.

Learn Moldovan.138.

Learn Cossack.139.

Learn Ukrainian.140.

Learn Belarusian.141.

Learn Czech.142. Learn

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