German kindergarten test results are not encouraging for children’s education

Guten Taggesetz, Germany’s top school authority, has released results for kindergarten activities and education tests on the new federal K-8 education test.

Guten Taggersetz said the results, which have been published by German media, show that students who have received the kindergarten activities test and who have passed the test on the assessment test are still more likely to go to the next level in their schooling.

“This is a new development and it is very worrying,” said Dr. Ralf Bischof, director of the Center for Applied Cognitive and Social Sciences at the University of Bonn, who is not involved in the study.

“We need to be more aware of the impact of this change in our education systems.”

In 2016, the federal government announced it was scrapping the K-6 kindergarten activities tests and replaced them with a standardized assessment test.

That has led to a dramatic drop in participation in the testing system, with about 75 percent of students receiving their Kindergarten Activity Certificate last year.

“The result shows that the number of children who are actually taking the Kindergass test has decreased in the last two years,” Bischoff told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

“The K-12 KindergASS is a very important test, and we can expect it to remain the key indicator for the future of our schools.”

But the new test is not a very effective indicator of whether students are achieving their goals in their education.”‘

This is not acceptable’For Bischo, who was among the participants in the 2017 Kindergasser, the results are “not acceptable” and show the test system is not working.”

These results are very disappointing for our children,” he said.”

Kindergass is a critical test.

In addition to the physical, intellectual and social skills, students must also master a vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

“The results show that almost half of the Kindergartens students scored below the minimum required for a passing score on the KASS.

In order to receive the kindergarten certificate, a student must pass all the tests at least twice, and they must have passed all the exams within the previous three years.”

There is also a long-term benefit of this.””

It’s a life-long development.

There is also a long-term benefit of this.”

Bischof believes the test could also lead to a shift in how children are taught.

“I think the test can be used as a tool to assess what the education system needs to change,” he added.

“Instead of just asking questions like, ‘How many years have I been in school?’ you ask questions like ‘How are my children learning?’

This is not OK.”

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