Kids learn new words to help them read

In this story from the Financial Post, a kindergarten art lesson is about to be a hit at a school in China.

It’s part of an international collaboration between the school and a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong.

The project aims to develop a way for students to learn a variety of new words from their schoolwork and to improve their reading comprehension.

In a bid to promote literacy among children, Chinese state media have launched an online initiative to help Chinese citizens improve their language skills.

This project is part of a global collaboration called Chinese Children’s Reading Worksheets that aims to help children learn new vocabulary, and to make them fluent in Chinese.

“If a child is a bit slow, this is a way to get them moving,” said a kindergarten artist named Chen Zhigang.

He works at the kindergarten of the Songshan kindergarten in Guangzhou, and he’s working with the kindergarten teacher to develop ways to help the students learn new word.

Chen’s school uses a phonics workbook to help its students learn Chinese words, and also teaches them to make sounds and pronounce words, such as the Chinese word for milk.

Once the students are familiar with the word, they can use the phonics tool to make their own sounds.

At the SongShan kindergarten, Chen is teaching two classes of three children, one of whom is the youngest of three siblings.

Each class is about 15 minutes long, and each of the children is given a book and a pen to read aloud to them.

The children are also given a set of markers to write down their word choices.

“When we are talking about writing a sentence, we can just draw it out, but when we are trying to read a word, we need to draw it in a way that it’s easy to read,” Chen said.

Every time a child reads a word aloud, the kindergarten artist can record it in his own notebook, so that he can review the word choices and improve his own reading comprehension, Chen said, adding that the teacher’s notes can be saved to the notebook for later reference.

“This way, if there’s any mistake, we will be able to fix it,” he said.

The kindergarten is also using the workbook, and Chen said he hopes to expand the program to teach English language to other kindergarten teachers.

After a week, Chen will present the new workbook and the phonic tool to the kindergarten teachers, and they will test them to see if they can learn more words.

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