K-12 teachers get new memes in classroom as meme boom hits high school

Teachers at a New Jersey school got a new meme-filled video for their new semester that was shared on social media after a student made a viral video of it.

The teacher’s name is Kari Jones, and she shared a video of her class discussing their upcoming lesson on Wednesday afternoon.

In the video, Jones tells the students to “go to the kitchen, make a cake.”

Jones then shows them a photo of a cookie, and asks if the students can put it in their mouth.

The video went viral after a classmate posted it to social media.

The video has been viewed more than 5.3 million times and shared more than 8,000 times, according to YouTube.

Jones shared the video on Twitter, along with a link to the meme, which was liked more than 2,600 times.

Jones said she got the idea for the meme after seeing the video.

The students had been discussing how they would prepare their cake in the kitchen as they prepared for the upcoming school day, Jones said.

They said they would cook up the best cookie they could, and then they would take it to the cafeteria, where they would share the recipe and share how much they loved it, Jones told The Associated Press.

The class had already been discussing about what they would eat and how they wanted to eat it, and it was all kind of a blur, Jones added.

Jones is a teacher at the K-8 school in New Jersey, and students were in shock when they heard the video was viral.

One of the students who made the video posted the video to Instagram, where it has more than 6,400 likes.

The student in the video told WJAR-TV she was shocked and disappointed.

I think it was pretty dumb, and I think they should’ve made it more appropriate for the time and place and that it was something that people should know about, she told the station.

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