Why did my kindergarten teacher stop me from using my K-2 grade level?

When kindergarten teacher Kimberly Stover stopped me from saying I was in kindergarten, she did so out of concern that she was not teaching my K2 grade. 

I was not the only one.

The California Department of Education found that Stover did not use the grade level of her kindergarten class to count the number of students who were in her class at the time.

Stover is a K-4 teacher at a middle school in California.

The state’s Department of Labor has filed a complaint against her with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), saying that Stovers refusal to count K-3 grade levels violated the state’s law regarding discrimination against teachers.

According to the OCR, in order to be eligible for state certification to teach kindergarten, teachers must use K-6 grades in their curriculum and that the K-5 grades are the lowest. 

This means that if Stover was counting grades K-1 and K-7, she would be counted as counting K-8, not K-9. 

Stover’s actions violate California’s law.

“She was not complying with the requirements of the law,” said Michael Lipsky, senior counsel with the OCRE.

“And that law, in fact, requires her to use the K3 grade level.” 

The law also prohibits teachers from using the K4 grade level, a level that is generally used in California and elsewhere in the country. 

“There’s no reason why that should not be required for kindergarten teachers in California,” Lipski said. 

In a statement to NBC News, Stover’s attorney said that she used the grade levels as a way to “avoid the confusion that can occur when students and teachers use different grade levels.” 

“I have always believed in using the correct grade level for students, and I will continue to use K2 grades when necessary,” Stover said in a statement.

I think she was wrong.

I am glad to be proven wrong.

This is a big win for education. 

The OCR has asked the state to issue a statement clarifying that it does not mean that the law should be changed to require teachers to use grades K3 and K4.

 The complaint states that Stoff has been teaching in a California public school for six years and is licensed to teach in private schools, but is not licensed to work in the classroom.

According to Lipskys statement, the complaint “is not a case of ‘you’re too old to be a kindergarten teacher,'” and that she is “not using the grade ranges that the state requires.”

“As a parent, I was disappointed that the Department of State Education failed to acknowledge the fact that the California Department is correct when it said that Stonors ‘lawful use of K-12 grade levels’ is illegal,” Lippks said.

“In a state where students are often tested in school in the fourth grade, I believe it is vital for parents to have clear guidance on what grade levels are appropriate for their children.”

We look forward to filing a counter complaint with the Department, which we hope will help clarify the legal and practical realities of the situation for all Californians, particularly for parents who have no previous experience in the field.

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