What to expect when kindergarten gets underway in California

The kids are here and the work is underway.

On a recent afternoon, a few dozen kindergarteners from the city of San Diego gathered in a room at the K-8 Kindergarten Activity Sheet (KAS) office in the heart of the city.

The office has been operating since the late 1990s and is the home of the California Kindergardeners Association, which operates the sheets.

The sheets have a history dating back to the 1940s when the city built an elementary school for kindergarten students.

At that time, the sheet was a way for teachers to record their activities and records were kept on the kids.

“When you put the sheets together, it’s a record of all the activities they did together, and it’s sort of like a personal notebook for a little boy,” said Nancy Smith, an organizer for the Kindergarts.

It is not just the sheets that have been updated, however.

Today, a KAS worker works on a sheet that includes everything from activities to homework assignments to the activities a child does during the day.

It is a big part of the kindergarten curriculum and Smith said it is important that the sheets be used by teachers to keep track of their students.

“It’s important that you know where they are at in terms of their learning,” Smith said.

The KAS is a not-for-profit organization that promotes education and supports families who are in need.

It has a staff of about a dozen staff members.

One of them is Julie Miller, a certified child and family psychologist who works out of the office.

“One of the biggest challenges for parents is knowing where their children are at all times,” Miller said.

“When the sheets come out and we know exactly what activities they’re doing, it is so much easier for parents to know where their child is.”

The sheets can be very helpful in the beginning, Smith said, and parents can use the sheets to keep tabs on their children’s progress.

The first sheet, the Kinderpats, was created in the early 1980s by a group of KAS volunteers who started with a couple of kindergarteners and worked their way up to the kindergartens.

“The Kinderpat was created to support our families,” Smith added.

“They were a way to help families get on their feet.”

The Kindergoudens and the other sheets were developed by teachers at the city’s public school system and were developed with the assistance of a grant from the state of California.

Smith said that funding helped them pay for the sheets and that there were no financial strings attached.

The state of North Carolina provides financial support to help public schools and K-12 schools.

It pays for a portion of the cost of the KAS and has provided a grant to help build a kindergarten.

The state also provides financial assistance to the KGA, a non-profit that works to support families in California and other states.

Miller said she was surprised to learn that the state had given $5,000 to help the KGAs start the sheets, but the sheet itself was not an award.

“That’s not the first time I’ve heard of them,” Miller told ABC News.

“I think it’s an incredible achievement to have been able to help a program that is so important to our families and kids, and to have that be recognized by the state.”

While it may be a small amount of money, Miller said the sheet has a great impact on the way people look at their children.

“You know, you have a picture on a page of your child’s progress,” Miller added.

“I think that is an amazing accomplishment.”

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