‘Kids are not getting any kind of help’: Parents are frustrated after new Kindergarten guidelines go into effect

KIDS are getting the message that their schools are not doing enough to prepare them for kindergarten.

They are worried about the quality of their classrooms, the quality and accessibility of instruction, and the availability of books and other materials to help kids learn.

Parents are frustrated because the new guidelines, which were put into place by the Ontario Ministry of Education on Monday, are going into effect this fall.

They say the new rules don’t go far enough in improving the quality or accessibility of education in the province’s kindergarten curriculum.

“We are frustrated,” said Linda MacGregor, president of the Canadian Parents Association.

“Kids are getting very little help from the school system, and that is absolutely wrong.”

“There is a need for the government to get involved in the quality-of-life and safety issues,” said Elizabeth Lasko, executive director of the New Brunswick Parents Association and a former school board president.

“There’s no question there are issues with the education system, but we have to work together to address those issues.”

The new guidelines will not apply to new charter schools, which are new, but they will apply to existing schools, and will also apply to all other schools.

That means it will apply only to schools that are certified to deliver kindergarten.

The new guidelines are a reaction to concerns raised by parents who say there are not enough quality programs to ensure the quality they expect from their schools.

The guidelines were drafted by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to address concerns about the lack of programs that prepare students for kindergarten and other learning activities.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry’s Education Department were also involved in crafting the guidelines, as well as other agencies and organizations.

The Ontario government has said it will work with the provinces, territories, the federal government and private sector to craft the guidelines.

“The quality of education and skills is one of the top priorities of the ministry, and it is critical that the province is involved in ensuring all students have access to the best available programs and materials,” said education minister Michael George in a statement.

“I will work closely with the provincial government, the school boards and others to craft an effective and holistic plan to ensure students have the best opportunities for learning.”

Some parents are upset that the guidelines will apply just to existing charter schools and not to all of them.

“It seems like a very big loophole, and if it’s a loophole, it should be a big one,” said Sharon Smith, president and CEO of the Ontario Parent Association.

“It seems to be targeting a particular sector of the education industry that they have not studied,” said Smith.

“You don’t have to go to kindergarten to be an effective learner.

And I’m worried about that.”

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