Why a kindergarten teacher who loves her job is leaving the industry

NEW YORK—In a year that has seen a flurry of job cuts across the US, one teacher is stepping away from her job.

Katie Heggerty, a kindergarten instructor at the elementary school where she teaches, will soon begin teaching in California, the company she co-founded announced Wednesday.

The move is a dramatic end to an unlikely career in kindergarten that has provided an outlet for a former teacher to express herself in her home state.

“I love teaching,” Heggerity said.

“My life is full of learning.

And it’s so hard to find the time in the year for that.”

The former teacher who has made her mark as a kindergarten educator for decades, Heggery began teaching in the late 1970s in her hometown of Westfield, Ohio, where her mother is a teacher.

She moved to California in 1998 to teach in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

She has also taught for the district’s English-language learners and its first-grade students.

She is also an active advocate for the LGBTQ community and advocates for families and children, and she has championed her own children as well as the school district.

In the 1990s, the former teacher said, she realized her passion was a way to express her personal experiences as a teacher, and that she was ready to move on.

When her mother decided to sell the business, she said she felt she could make a living as a substitute teacher, which she did for a time.

But she said that she found her calling as a career-focused teacher, especially in the digital classroom.

She said she is very proud of her career, and said she hopes to stay in teaching for a long time.

She said she has a dream of continuing to teach kindergarten in her native state, which is why she has decided to join the company that employs her and will be based in Irvine, California.

Her departure comes just as the California State Board of Education is considering a proposed rule change that would require schools to allow teachers to choose whether to teach online or in person.

The rule change would also allow schools to pay less for online classes.

Heggerty has been the director of the kindergarten program at the Westfield Public Schools for almost 20 years.

She will be replaced by her husband, Bill Heggerly, a former school district administrator.

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