Why kids learn better through stories, by CBS News’ Jason Link

A new study suggests that story books can help kids learn and retain new information.

The study, published online on Friday in the journal Science, shows that children who read stories about friends or family members in a series of lessons have better recall and retention than those who read only stories about people or objects.

The findings could have major implications for educators, said study co-author Christopher Kavanagh, an assistant professor at Cornell University.

The study is the first to test the impact of story books on learning and retention.

The authors say the findings are consistent with the idea that stories can teach new information and improve recall.

The research, which involved nearly 1,000 children, is the second in a two-part study examining how story books improve learning and recall.

The first study focused on how a story can help improve learning.

The first study looked at how the stories themselves improve learning: children read stories that had some story elements that were linked to the children’s learning.

The second study looked only at learning, rather than memory.

In the first study, children in one study were assigned stories about the life of a character, such as a mother and a brother.

They were told that their characters were not real, but that the story was based on real people and events.

They also learned that a character in the story had a birthday and a mother, but didn’t know how long it took her to raise her son.

After reading the stories, children were asked to recall the character’s birthday and how long she’d been raising her son, as well as how much time it took for her to marry and become a mother.

The children in the second study read stories with the same story elements.

They learned the stories later and more accurately.

The researchers say the study suggests stories are effective at helping children retain new ideas, and learning, because they help the children see the world through a new lens.

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