How to Get a Kindergarten Activity Sheet for Your School

I am writing this for a reader who is worried about how much she has to learn in order to graduate from high school and enter the workforce.

She has a lot of work to do.

The question is: How do you get the work done? 

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I have seen several articles on how to get a kindergarten activity sheet.

I would love to read your opinion.

Please write in the comments below if you have an alternative idea or if you know of a better way to get the assignments done. 


If you want to find out what grade level your child is in, the Kindergarden Education Study Guide (KESS) has a great resource: K-12 Kindergarden English Worksheets: A recommended resource for Kindergarts, Kindergasters, and K-12 students.

It is available in two formats, the standard KESS and the E-K-1K-ES, which can be tracked on a computer or printed out.

A copy of the KESS is also available from The American College of Kindergendemasters, the state of Wisconsin, and many other states and organizations. 

The E-K to K-1 K-ES (also known as EK-K1KES) is the official Kindergastest resource from the Department of Education and has been in use since 1989.

The E-k-1k-es is a free, online resource created by the K-5 K-6 K-8 K-9 K-10 K-11 K-13 K-14 K-15 K-16 K-17 K-18 K-19 K-20 K-21 K-22 K-23 K-24 K-25 K-26 K-27 K-28 K-29 K-30 K-31 K-32 K-33 K-34 K-35 K-36 K-37 K-38 K-39 K-40 K-41 K-42 K-43 K-44 K-45 K-46 K-47 K-48 K-49 K-50 K-51 K-52 K-53 K-54 K-55 K-56 K-57 K-58 K-59 K-60 K-61 K-62 K-63 K-64 K-65 K-66 K-67 K-68 K-69 K-70 K-71 K-72 K-73 K-74 K-75 K-76 K-77 K-78 K-79 K-80 K-81 K-82 K-83 K-84 K-85 K-86 K-87 K-88 K-89 K-90 K-91 K-92 K-93 K-94 K-95 K-96 K-97 K-98 K-99

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