How to Be a Kindergarten Science Teacher – The Latest: ‘Kindergampers’ lyrics

A teacher at a New York City kindergarten is teaching her students a new song for their upcoming Science Fair.

The song is titled “Kindergartens’ Song” and it’s the latest in a string of K-pop-inspired science projects.

The project is a collaboration between an elementary school and a private school.

The song is a mix of science, history and music, which are part of a larger theme of exploration and learning.

“This song is very fun to sing and it teaches kids about a lot of things that they can learn about science and learning,” a K-Pop artist who goes by the name of “Chibi K,” told The Associated Press.

“This is a very special project and I hope everyone can take part in it.”

The K-POP artist said the song will be sung during the science fair, and it will also be posted on the teacher’s Facebook page.

Kindergardens teacher Melissa DeCicco, who is based in the Bronx, told ABC News the song is about how “everyone’s lives are connected and we should all be exploring together.”

“We should be learning how to build a house, how to grow a flower, how do we build a tree, how can we create a universe, and how do our parents, grandparents and other people live,” she said.

“We all need each other.”

DeCiccos work is a collaborative project with students and parents, who create the music, and the teacher creates the lyrics.

The teacher also works with other teachers and the children to create new themes for the music.

The artist said she hopes the song makes the kids think about what they can do to make a difference.

“I hope the kids are inspired and excited about doing something they can be proud of,” DeCiccos said.

The K’POP Artist’s song is expected to be played during the Science Fair this summer, but the teacher said she’s not sure when the song would be sung at the event.

“There are lots of songs that I don’t know how they got there, and that’s the beauty of Kpop, is that you just go and make it,” DeCs work with the students, she said, “and you go and find what you think you like and sing it, and you can find what is your favorite song.”ABC News’ Michael B. Bresnahan contributed to this report.

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