Which kindergarten school quote inspired your kindergarten journal

This article inspired my kindergartener to ask his classmates which kindergarten school he should go to.

The question came from his kindergarten journal, which he kept on his desk at home, tucked away for protection from other children.

But the question wasn’t a question for him to answer, because he didn’t want to do anything stupid like tell the whole world.

He had a few other questions in mind, like what is kindergarten, and which kindergartens were best.

Here are some of the kindergarters answers, edited for clarity.

“I’d say that the best kindergarten is St. Joseph’s, but I also think it’s the best school for kindergarteners in the country.”

—St. Joseph High School, St. Louis, MO “We’ve got to go to St. Mary’s.”

—Viola Elementary, New York City, NY “I’m in kindergarten right now, and I want to go see St. Elizabeths.”

—Holliday Elementary, San Francisco, CA “I want to see the best kindergarten in the world.”

—Dylan Elementary, Orlando, FL “I know that I need to see a kindergarten, but it’s probably better to go out of state.

I know some kindergartes are better.”

—Lakeview Elementary, Denver, CO “I really want to take my child to kindergarten.

I’ve been thinking about it, but what are some kindergarts?”

—Stark Elementary, Philadelphia, PA “I have to go, but at the same time, I don’t want my child and I to go.

I don ‘t want my kid to get into trouble.

I want my kids to get to the best schools and have the best opportunities.”

—Lutheran High School in Minneapolis, MN “My first day in kindergarten, I didn’t know if I wanted to go kindergarten or not.”

—Middle School, Boston, MA “I don’t know how to choose a kindergarten school.

I’m going to go with St. Paul, which has good kindergarteners.

I can’t think of a kindergarten that’s better than St. Peter’s.”

–Middle School in Seattle, WA “I think I should take my children to Stapleton, but the teachers say I have to be a good parent.

If I go there, I’ll probably be a bad parent.”

—Kindergarden School in New York, NY I want a good kindergarten.

But I don’ t want my children and I going to school in New Jersey.

“—Papa’s Kindergarten in St. Albans, England “I would say that I like to go somewhere like the best preschools in the United States.

“—Johannesburg Elementary School, Johannesburg, South Africa “I can’t choose a school, but maybe I should go with the most reputable kindergartners in the US.

I think it’ll be a lot better for my child.

“—Schools in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada “I could go with a preschool or a kindergarten.

“—Bathroom, Toronto, Canada “When I’m a kid, I want all the kindergarts, because I want everything to be better than it is.

“—The Best Kindergastown in the World, Boston

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