How to make kindergarten ‘cooler’ for kids

The Canadian government is encouraging parents to start their kindergartens with a “Cool Kids” sticker and a picture of a little boy or girl.

“As children are beginning to get into school, they are becoming more confident in expressing themselves and learning how to express themselves in their own way,” says Jennifer L. Lough, the minister of child and youth services.

“That’s really exciting for us.

Kids can really make an impact in the classroom, and we want them to be able to do that,” she says.”

They can have an impact on the classroom.”

According to a report from the federal government’s child and family services, one in five children in the country is now under the age of 18, and the number is expected to grow.

The report, released Tuesday, noted that there are a record-high number of children under age 18 in Canada.

As part of its ongoing efforts to help families make more choices, the government announced Monday it is introducing a new strategy to boost kindergarten attendance and graduation rates.

The strategy will include the creation of an online platform for parents to use to find out about their child’s future and access information about the school system.

It will also introduce the creation and development of a “cool kid” program for kindergarten students.

The government is also encouraging parents who wish to introduce a child to “cool kids” to put a sticker on the school bus that reads, “Cool kids, it’s OK to have a little fun.”

The initiative is being designed to ensure that children feel welcome in the school, and to help ensure that schools have a positive experience for kids in kindergarten.

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