Teachers in Hanamaru kindergarten are now under strict orders to use hand sanitizer

A kindergarten in the northern Chinese city of Hanamaru has been placed under strict regulations to ensure students do not have contact with their classmates or teachers.

The district has been running a voluntary hand sanitization program for kindergarteners since the start of the year, but has only allowed children to use the hand saniticant once every three days.

In addition, students are now required to clean the area around their desks with soap and water.

The rules also state that children under six months old are not allowed to touch the hands of anyone else.

“We have to make sure that the handwashing is done with hand sanits, we have to do that as a regular thing, and we have no other option,” the head of the district’s kindergarten told the state-run China Daily newspaper.

“In the beginning we didn’t have any problems, but now the problem is more serious because people have become more aware of the issue.”

The district said the new rules are part of a campaign to improve children’s health.

“Parents are being educated about the importance of using hand sanitary products, and they are also being told about the hygiene habits of their children,” a spokesperson for the district told China Daily.

“Hand sanitizers have a good reputation in schools.

So we have been promoting it to parents and teachers.”

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